How do I make a first person only gun?

I have no experience in making guns, but I’d like to try and make a gun that’s a bit different than normal. How it would function:

  • Only used in first person.
  • Unlimited ammo, no need to reload.
  • The gun would fire a projectile, not a ray.
  • The projectile velocity would differ based on the gun. (For example: High velocity if firing a sniper, medium velocity if firing a pistol)
  • The firerate would differ based on the gun.
  • The gun would one shot kill players.

What are some good sources to learn to make something like this? What do I need to learn about to be able to make this?


Creating a gun with diverse features might be a bit challenging for you, especially if you didn’t attempt creating a gun yet. So start off making a simple gun (like a Glock or even a blaster) - learning the fundamentals and basics of creating a gun. Then you could progress yourself building more complex guns like (rifles, snipers, sci-fi guns) If you have enough knowledge, you could even add features that others couldn’t think of!

In case if you’re lost, check out the resource below. AlvinBlox makes great tutorials about building and scripting for beginners.

AlvinBlox | Roblox Gun Tutorial