How do I make a fixed orientation?

When I say “fixed”, I want to make it so that the orientation of a part always stays the same.

I tried doing this with a playerModel ( quite litterly just 2 parts with a hrp and torso ( with humanoid )) but it doesn’t seem to work, as it just makes the player flip back over, which I don’t want.

Here’s the script

while task.wait() do
	script.Parent.Orientation =,0,0)

The player character is a model so you need to Use

Character:SetPrimaryPartCFrame( * CFrame.Angles(0 , math.rad(90) , 0)

Im not really good with CFrames, so could you explain this?

Also it didn’t work

So when you get the character of the player the SetPrimaryPartCFrame() function will set his CFrame to the given CFrames, at the start i used with the first parameter being the position, i gave his position so it wont change it and then * CFrame.angles is changing his orientation to the given one and one of the parameters MUST have math.rad or math.deg