How do I make a freezing mechanic?

I want to make a freezing mechanic when it hits night time. For example, if the clock time is 19. The user will see their screen turning blue, after a few seconds. lets say 10. the user will be damaged until they find a light source.

PS: I am not asking anyone to write a script for me or a whole module, I would like someone to explain how I could make something like this. I don’t have much coding experience but I would like if someone did explain how this worked.

Thanks in Advance!!

can you send me any sort of script so i can understand what you mean

Basically, This script is designed and it has three functions. The first function displays a GUI frame between 7 PM and 7 AM. The second function damages the player by 3% of their health every second when the GUI frame is visible. The third function regenerates the player’s health by 2% every second when they are near a light source and stops regeneration when they are not near a light source, instead damaging the player’s health by 3% every second.

The code I am about to post is basically like how I want it to work. i tested it multiple times and it does not work because of my lackluster coding skills

local guiFrame = game.StarterGui.FreezeGUI.FreezeFrame

-- Loop to check the clocktime every second
while true do

	-- Get the current clocktime
	local hour = game:GetService("Lighting").ClockTime * 24

	-- Check if the clocktime is between 7 PM and 7 AM
	if hour >= 19 or hour < 7 then
		-- Show the GUI frame
		guiFrame.Visible = true
		-- Hide the GUI frame
		guiFrame.Visible = false

local gui = game:GetService("StarterGui"):WaitForChild("FreezeGui")
local damagePercentage = 3 -- 3% damage

while true do
	if gui.Visible then
		-- If the GUI is visible, it damages the player
		local player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
		player.Character:TakeDamage(player.Character.Humanoid.MaxHealth * (damagePercentage / 100))
	wait(1) -- Wait for 1 second before checking again

local regenPercentage = 2 -- 2% health regen
local regenDelay = 1 -- Regen delay in seconds
local minDistance = 5 -- Minimum distance to light source to trigger regen
local lightSources = game:GetService("Workspace"):GetChildren()

while true do
	local player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
	local character = player.Character

	-- Check if the player is near a light source
	local nearestLight = nil
	local nearestDistance = math.huge
	for _, instance in ipairs(lightSources) do
		if instance:IsA("Light") then
			local distance = (instance.Position - character.HumanoidRootPart.Position).Magnitude
			if distance < nearestDistance then
				nearestLight = instance
				nearestDistance = distance

	if nearestLight and nearestDistance < minDistance then
		-- If the player is near a light source, stop damaging them and start regenerating health
		gui.Visible = false
		character.Humanoid.Health = math.min(character.Humanoid.Health + character.Humanoid.MaxHealth * (regenPercentage / 100) * regenDelay, character.Humanoid.MaxHealth)
		-- If the player is not near a light source, damage them and stop regenerating health
		gui.Visible = true
		character:TakeDamage(character.Humanoid.MaxHealth * (damagePercentage / 100) * regenDelay)


usee change event on lightning and check clock time, then use local scripts

alright thanks, will consider using it and ill see how it works.

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