How do i make a Global Datastore

Hello, how would I go about making a Datastore that everyone in the game can change? Basically, I want a Datastore to store how many of a pet exist i need it so the datastore is not for just one person, I also want so than when the data changes it changes for everyone.
Hopefully that makes sense

I’m confused. Isn’t that what a datastore does. Saves to the server then uses that saved data

Player Makes Change → Save to Server → FireAllClients

Create a key not based on someones UserId

(If you need this for all servers then use MessagingService)

What could go wrong with this insignificant fact of using the player’s id. A player’s id is irreversible, to be simple a player id could never change. To be honest there is not factual evidence that I currently know of, therefore this is why I see no reason of why you should not use the player’s id.

I’m personally sorry if this comes off as impolite.

Ordereddatastores are very epic. Look into them

Did you even read the title?

How do I make a Global Datastore

Hes asking how to make a global datastore, not a normal datastore?

Global you mean by accessable through two games or more? Then host a server and use httpservice.

Global ingame? Use ordereddatastores.

Didn’t know ordereddatastores even existed tho.

Yeah they’re used for global datastores these days. Especially that it’s ListAllKeys are useful

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I also need this for my game, not sure how to do it tho. I want to keep count of a live number of how many times a goal was scored.