How do I make a NPC move a car

Yea as a topic, I had a problem that players can drive a car but an NPC cant drive.

You can’t make a npc drive the car, but you can npc move to car and make car self-driving.

I no have idea about how make car self driving, you can look other sources for that.

But for move npc, you need to use :MoveTo()

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actually i rlly want roblox to fix this too, thanks because i tried using MoveTo() already!
Hope they will fix soon.

That’s not exactly a solution your question though?

You can use pathfinding to create a moving NPC or NPC vehicle.

No no no, most of the script (like a roblox default police car) are unabled to move the primarypart, i think that if you set it, it’ll broke all the scripts

NOTE: not pretty sure