How do I make a river generate infinitely and be the same every time?

(Idk if this belongs in scripting support or game design support please move if it doesn’t belong here. Thanks staff!)

So I need to make an infinite river that is the same every time it is generated, however I couldn’t find a way to do this with parts and like I want. Can anyone help me?

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It’ll be better if you can give a video or photo to your topic to understand your problem buddy

For the opinion, just use the Generate link once you’re done selecting the biomes and seed for it

Use a noise map but use the same noise map every time so it does the same thing every time. Also use the same starting point so DO NOT randomize anything unless its small like lily pads or fish

He wants a river that goes on forever, Not part of the terrain generation because those stop. He also said he wants parts and the terrain generation menu also uses smooth terrain