How do I make a shop?

Hey y’all I’m currently working on a shop which I’ve never done by myself and I need some help.

So I have shop where players can buy sodas although it’s not physical they don’t actually get a soda so when the player clicks the buy button in my gui do I just send a signal to the server and then check if the player has enough money for the soda they wanna buy and then if they do I can send a signal to the client to update the buy button to “owned” or “already bought” and then I use datastores to save it?

That’s my thought process on how I’d go about doing it, but I don’t actually know if it’s correct or if it would works.

I’m currently not on my computer right now so can’t show the code I currently have.

That makes perfect sense. You probably already have your answer. Client to server interactions.

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Would I use a remote function with this?

You most deffinitly want to use a remote function. Or event. This will keep vulnerabilities from exposure. Like exploiters manipulating client currency.

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