How do I make a TextLabel that counts the amount of letters in the current line of a textbox?

How do I make a TextLabel that counts the amount of letters in the current line of a textbox? (This is my first time making a topic on the devforums so sorry if I did anything wrong)

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You can use string.len


You can learn more things about string here

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If you’re looking for letters specifically, you’d have to iterate through the string and count +1 to a variable each time a letter is found.

If you want the number of characters which includes alphanumeric and whitespaces then you can use string.len

If you want only letters you can use regex which would just be

local number_of_letters = 0
local func = string.gmatch(textBox.Text, "%a")
while func() ~= nil do
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string.len returns a string / textLabel.Texts length.

Code example:

local textBox = -- path to text box

local lengthOfText = string.len(textBox.Text)

print(lengthOfText) -- Would print the letter of characters / letters etc.

First, insert a local script inside your text box, then try this:

local textBox = script.Parent
local runService = game:GetService("RunService")


    local text = textBox.Text



And I’m not sure if this is want you want.

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Since nobody seems to understand what I mean,

Something like this where it counts the number of letters in the current line.

Each line is separated invisibly by \n. To get each line individually you can use:

local stringLines = string.split(TextBox.Text, "\n");
-- stringLines[1] = "This is the first line"
-- stringLines[2] = "This is the second line"
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This works but how do I find which line the user is on?

If you want to find a player from a string on a certain just loop them

local player;
for _, line in pairs(stringLines) do
  if game:GetService("Players"):FindFirstChild(line) then
    player = game:GetService("Players"):FindFirstChild(line);