How do I make a wins system/datastore that saves when transported to another place

So im making a story game and i was wondering after the players beat the game the get +1 wins and then get teleported back to the lobby how do i make it so when they get teleported back the lobby +1 win will save and show the amount of wins a player has, im not really an expert at datastores so please help me

Make a leaderboard and when they win, you can fire a event that adds +1 to the leaderboard

but that wouldn’t save when the player gets back to the lobby

Cross game DataStores would require an external way to store data. If you’re not aware, you can have multiple places in the same game which can access the same data scopes. You could do this instead of making completely separate games.

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I made the story game inside of the lobby its just i dont know how to use the datastore like that

Just create a second place in the game and treat it like a normal datastore.

so would i have to make 2 datastore scripts in the two different places?

Yes, you can’t share scripts between places even if they’re under the same parent game.

can you please show me an example?

You could make a SetASync() script before being transported and a GetASync() script when they arrive in the other place.