How do I make all players face a certain direction?

I have a circle of spawns and I want all the players to be facing the middle of the circle when they spawn, how can I do that? I don’t really want to manually test and rotate all of the spawns so can anyone help me out?

You can use CFrame.lookAt(origin, lookAt)

rootpart.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(rootpart.Position,, rootpart.Position.Y, circleCenter.Z))

rootpart is the HumanoidRootPart of the player’s character and circleCenter is a position of the center of the circle.


You can do it fairly easily by placing two opposite spawns manually, then duplicating with Ctrl+D and rotating:


If that won’t work for you, you can use this snippet in the Command Bar:

for _, v in pairs(game.Selection:Get()) do v.CFrame = v.Position, v.Position + (, 0, 10) - v.Position ) *, 0, 1)  ) end

You select the parts you want rotated and type in a different position where it says 10, 0, 10.

Take care, undo won’t work to un-rotate the parts! :warning: