How do i make boss moves?

i dont even know if this is the right category

I am currently making a boss for my game… Something made me wonder, how do devs make boss moves/moves?
My first attempt was to make the animation, then time the main move like the particle effects…
But i realised how time consuming it whould be and how annoying it whould be, so i decided to ask the forum for some help…
So what i mean is that how does devs time animations with the particles?
So anyone know how i can implement this?

Thanks so much!!

I mean you could make each “sector” a different animation. For example if you want your boss to throw a punch, you would animate the punch, then animate the retract. what you would do in the script is play the punch anim, toggle the particles, and then play the retract. I don’t especially recommend using this for longer animations (combined animations) but if your making one that is quite short then I guess you could use my method. Another way would be using waits but thats just unreliable. If you do know how to use ticks, its your best shot at timing them perfectly.

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Ah!! makes sense thanks so much!! :smiley:

Btw ticks is just the amount of seconds that have passed since the unix epoch (1,1, 1970).

local start = tick()
local animsecond = 1 --So like 1 sec after you start the anim

--play anim
repeat wait(.1) until tick()-current_time == animsecond
--create particle

Isn’t the best code but it’s what I can do for now

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alright!! thanks so much!!!