How do i make cars?

I’m currently working on a game and I just need to know how do I make cars, ive asked one of my developer friends and he doesn’t know, i’ve followed youtube tutorials but to no prevail, so if you could tell me how to make cars that’d be great, Thank you!


Uh. There’s a Roblox tutorial.

I think that’s too basic of a tutorial, though.
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i’ll check that out thank you for the help!

There’s already a post on this… please check before creating a new post. This should also be in Building Support.

Use an a-chassis and customize it.

pls search around before making topics


but that’s a basic car I wanna make a car that’s not basic

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im trying to build my own cars and have them work, I don’t want a plugin that just rigs stuff

a-chasis? I’m fairly new to game development so could you tell me what that is?

I suggest you use the tutorial somebody linked above, blender is good for making cars but you can make cars in roblox studio but it might take a while trying to make it detailed.

This plugin is perfect for you. To build a car that isn’t a “basic car” you need to know how to program or at least have a good knowledge of the api. This plugin was made for builders like you who don’t know either of these things.

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Are you talking about how to make a Model for a car, or like making the car work?

well… both I don’t have a model for the car and I don’t know how to make a car work

yes but idk how to use the plugin, I downloaded it and I don’t understand how to use it

I’m not against you learning how to make a car, but this is not the kind of thing you should put on the DevForum. There are tons of online tutorials that will teach you how, so I would reccomend looking it up before you post.

But to make a car, there is no scripting required (if you want a basic one). All you have to do is attach wheels and a VeichleSeat to an unanchored part.

ive checked yt tutorials and those haven’t helped (as i said in the post) and also I’m not going for a super basic car

If you’ve never made a car before, then I think you’re moving too fast with this. Becoming a developer takes patience and doing the basic stuff before the advanced. The first car I made from scratch was very basic and was just wheels with hinges, a base and some decoration, and a VeichleSeat.
There is is for you. My very first car.

But my #1 tip is that with any car, add a VeichleSeat as they will help a lot. Even the advanced vehicles you see in those popular car-driving games have VeichleSeats. Add a VeichleSeat.

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Well which one do u need help with?

I did include step by step instructions and even video to show on how to use it. Not only that I also included example file that you just need to select and click on the plugin icon to make the rig. So check those out and if you still not understand the certain part of the instructions, then you can just ask a question in a replies on my post and I will answer it :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to use the plugin then you can learn on how to make a rig by watching @sleitnick’s YouTube tutorial, it’s actually pretty well explained. I watched it myself.


However if you don’t want to spend time on learning that, you can either use my plugin to do the rigging part for you or just hire someone to do it for you.

It’s a completely coustomizable chassis system.

The easiest thing to do is make a base part where the DriveSeat, (in base) is and then weld all the other parts, (in misc), to the base part.