How do I make digging fun?

I’m trying to make a museum tycoon where players go into the wild in search of bones for the museum.
I wanted to know how do I make digging in search of bones fun?
I don’t want my game to be just clicking.

Metal Detectors

Mhh interesting I take that on mind !

I think about it, and take some ideas:

  1. Add enemies, really, like a bugs(big) or something.
  2. Add more tools, like a platform-builder, hook, lanterns, grenades and etc.
  3. Add mission(if need)
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The bones could turn into a dino skeleton that you have to fight.

Sound effects, visual effects, and the variety of things you can find will make your mechanic more fun.

Add some particle effects and some things on screen to make it more likely that users will like to dig cause people like a lot of things on the screen