How do I make it so VIP can get VIP tag?

Hey Developers,

I have multiple gamepasses that I want to give you VIP chat tag, how would the script look and where would the script go.


We cannot help you without seeing any code.
But, look into Customizing In-Experience Text Chat | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

What you’re looking for is Speaker:SetExtraData.

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I see you replying a lot, typically starting off replies with the present “We cannot help you without seeing any code.” line, which isn’t entirely true - we certainly can help them without seeing any code, especially with a post like this where they are asking for a sort of proof of concept.

To OP:

As Syclya has mentioned, to set the tag itself you’ll want to look at ChatSpeaker:SetExtraData(), which would be connected to a ChatService.SpeakerAdded function.

To see if the player owns the VIP game-pass in question, MarketplaceService has a wonderful function called UserOwnsGamepassAsync which you can utilize to reach your goal.

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Read before posting.