How do I make my custom character walk 5 studs in any direction?

Hello, I have a script that should make my character walk 5 studs in a random direction but for some reason, it walks like 50 studs.


local Humanoid = script.Parent

local HRP = script.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")


local WalkRange = 1


while true do

local Pos1 = HRP.Position.Z + math.random(-5,5)

local Pos2 = HRP.Position.X + math.random(-5,5)

local PositionToWalk =,0,Pos2)

Humanoid.WalkToPoint = PositionToWalk



Any help is appreciated.

You are essentially telling the code to have a character walk in a specified direction, and not based on where the character is, this should work:

local CurrentPos = HRP.Position -- The Current Position of the Character
local TargetPos  =,5),0, math.random(-5,5))
-- The Targetted Position to Traverse

Humanoid:MoveTo(CurrentPosition + Target) -- Adds Current Position with the Direction
-- you can just use Move or MoveTo

I think in order to be based on Direction, you subtract, not add:

Humanoid:MoveTo(CurrentPosition - Target) -- Direction?

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