How do I make my FPS arms look like they are not stretched?

The title says it all, I am making an FPS game with R6 arms (because that is what I prefer), but the corner of the arms look really stretched. I’ve tried several ways to fix this but they don’t seem to do the job.

This is how my FPS arms look right now:

And this is how I want it to look:

As you can see, in my picture the corners of the arms are stretched, and in the Arsenal screenshot they are not. Does anyone have an idea to make the corners look normal?

Things I have tried:

  • Putting multiple arms together and saved it as a .obj (issue: Can’t change color nor apply shirt)
  • Using block arms (Did not satisfy me)
  • Using a rounded square mesh (Looked odd, did not satisfy me)

Maybe lower the field of view. That will give the illusion that the arms are short.

My game is default set to 70 fov. I just set it to 120 because that is what I am most comfortable with.

Even with the field of view set to 70, it still looks really stretched and pointy.

I tried doing the first attempt again.

I realized I could’ve just removed the texture ID so the colors would work.
Sadly it won’t support shirts because it is a mesh, but I’m satisfied with this result.

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