How do I make my objects like UIListLayout in Plugin?

How do I make my objects like UIListLayout in a plugin?
I am developing a plugin, and assumed UIListLayout would work within it for UI, but I was incorrect.
This is how it looks in studio UI:


and this is what it looks like in my plugin when I put the text labels in using code


I’m not sure what to do to make it work like it’s supposed to, and I’m certain that it’s going into the scrolling frame.

uilistlayout is not in plugin
it a object in roblox studio already use for ui designer

yes, I am aware that it is an object. the object goes into the UI that goes into the plugin. for some reason it doesn’t work in my plugin.

do u know how ui list layout work?

I found out why: in one of my scripts I was clearing the ScrollingFrame, but I forgot to make it ignore the UIListLayout…