How do i make number round to .1 (one number after dot)

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    so basically when i collect an model i get a new multi which formula is multi*multi or multi^2 and i use 1.025x as multi in a few models i get smth like 1.34567831235…
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    1th question
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    I know about math round, but i need it to round to format .1 not to integer

My code:

local RCMultiE = game.Workspace.RemoteEvents.RCMultiE
local MoneyMulti = 1.025
local ClicksMulti = 1.1
	local RCMultiMoney = player.Stats.RCMultiMoney
	local RCMultiClicks = player.Stats.RCMultiClicks
	RCMultiMoney.Value *= math.round(MoneyMulti)
	RCMultiClicks.Value *= ClicksMulti

With math round i can go to only integer numbers, i don’t know any thing which could make number round to .1


Where x is your number, and n is the place.

For example: to round 1.4567 to the tenths place, math.round(1.4567*10)/10 = 1.5

Am just dumb (30 lettersssssss)

Okay that works fine thanks! (30 letters)