How do i make perfect scrolling guis?

So currently my scrolling gui is really water-like. How would i make it so it like snaps to a grid?

My scrolling gui:

The scrolling gui i want:

I was thinking about using the canvas position but it hasnt really been working well so far. Any suggestions?

Maybe after detecting a mousescroll up, tween it so that it aligns perfectly, and vice versa

It shouldn’t do that. Try redoing the ScrollingFrame, otherwise, I have no other fix, as this has never happened to me, and shouldn’t for you.

i think there is some kind of property that changes how scrolling guis act.Its called ElasticBehaviour i think

I know what’s the problem, you need to change your scrolling frame’s behavior. Probably you have set ElasticBehavior (properties) to “Always” or “WhenScrollable”, to get your expected behavior set it to “Never”.

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