How Do I Make The Sand Fill The Whole Area Without It Being All Weird

How do i make this fill the whole area image

There are many ways of doing this. But the simplest would be to fill the area with different parts or a single part. It should cover the area you want to fill. Then call Terrain:FillBlock(Part.CFrame, Part.Size, Enum.Material.Sand). It could be called once if it’s a single part or in a loop for each part that is one of the parts that fills up the area.

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I filled the whole area should i group it cause i see different parts from it lemee just send you a screen shot image

I don’t exactly know what you mean, but you can delete the parts once the region is created.

what i mean is you know in bloxburg how you make the floors and the floors are going through eachother its like that but with sand

I don’t think I understand properly what you’re asking for but here’s my guess:

Select all of the sand parts and union them together, once you did that you’ll get an union, set it’s collision to precise so it doesn’t go all wierd on you!