How do I make this 1 union

How do I make the meshes to be 1 mesh?

I tried make it into a union but it doesnt let me.


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You cant make meshes into a union, due to roblox limitations

Is there a way I can make into 1 mesh?

I don’t believe it is possible, unless you do it into blender or a modelling software

Do you know how to do it on blender or no?

I do not know how blender works, so no.

Alright thank you for your help :slight_smile:

If they all are the same color and material then select all the meshes, export selection and import the exported .obj file back into roblox

If the objects have different colors and materials then you will have to make custom textures for your object for it to have the appropriate colors and materials.

Also, what is your reason for wanting it to be 1 mesh? If you want the meshes to make single solid shape then you can weld all of the components together so they don’t move relative to each other.

You could also anchor the model you have, then it wouldn’t make any difference.

I hope this helped,
Good luck

Well it’s a script issue but I have more than 1 color. How do you make the custom texture thingy?

You need use UV maps, which are determine, which parts of textures used.

Either UV map it or vertex paint.
If you vertex paint, you have to import as .FBX, since vertex paint doesn’t save on .OBJ. Also you can import it as a single mesh by ticking a checkbox in the mesh import options.

just import them into blender, group, export, then thats ti