How do i make this game storyline funnier

I have scripted a games idea:
You move to a new neighborhood, where an annoying and disrespectful neighbor lives. You decide to act respectful at daytime and help him “decorate” by putting bombs inside his house(you sneak in) at nighttime. Repeat that for 3 days in the game.
But i find the storyline too serious. My game is designed to be funny.
Can you please add some sugestions?


When he spots the bombs he thinks they’re something else, like i dunno “bomb-shaped decorations” so for example there can be an extremely obvious bomb on a kitchen plate and he’ll be like “wow what a nice bomb-shaped cake, how thoughtful of you”

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This would be a funny response (lol)

Welcome to the wackiest neighborhood ever! Your new neighbor is a real character, but let’s just say he’s not winning any awards for ‘Neighbor of the Year.’ Instead of getting mad, why not get even… in the most hilariously mischievous way possible?

During the day, be nice. But at night, prank him! From swapping his furniture with rubber chickens to turning his garden into a jungle of whoopee cushions, the fun is endless!

But watch out for his traps – he’s got a knack for comedy! Can you out-prank him and become the ultimate neighborhood jokester?

Get ready for a laugh-out-loud adventure! It’s time to turn the tables and prank your way to victory!

Plot twist, he loves bombs, so he has been disarming yours and stockpiling them. One day on your way out you light them all without realizing. “Wow I had no idea that these bombs are so powerful!”