How do i make this? (Please help)

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  1. What do you want to achieve? I want a leaderboard like the one in loomian legacy like it shows display name and when u touch it shows real name and again touch then no leaderboard

  2. What is the issue? I dont know how to do
    Loomian Legacy - Roblox play this game and enter and see

Im pretty sure you cannot ask people to make full systems for you. This section is made for fixing errors in other people’s code, and not to make full systems. Please go to the recruitment section and recruit someone to make this system for you.


Disable the default leaderboard, make a GUI that lists the players showing their display names and avatars, and when the player’s mouse hovers over the one of the player’s display names, show their usernames. As @Zenqpa has stated, you shouldn’t ask people to make full systems for you. Especially because a script for this would probably require around 100 lines of code. Instead, you should search on how to do what I said here. If you can’t find any resources that you need, ask a question on the DevForum. Your questions should be more specific. (eg. “How to make disable the default leaderboard?”)


Anyways, Use the GUI’s MouseEnter and MouseLeave event to scriipt this.

--define the player variables here
      PlayerNameShowerGui.Text = Player.DisplayName

      PlayerNameShowerGui.Text = Player.Name

Also, dont ask people to make full systems for you.
If you want to learn how to script, visit this site:

and watch some youtube tutorials, or you can just read through the lua 5.14 documentation which will explain pretty much all the things in normal lua (not luau)

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hmm so how much should i give to the person i hire for just this?

Several thousand+ probably for a fully fledged, responsive UI.

is 200 robux okay? like for it?

You should ask him how much he wants.

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i wanna post so tell is 200-250 okay?

If he’s okay with it then that’s good.

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