How do i make trees like these? And what are they called?

how to make trees like dis

These type of trees would fit perfect for my game, they’re low poly, simple, abstract and beautiful! Anyone could help me?


use meshes, textures, scale tool and get the mesh ID

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I’m gonna just assume they used a mesh, I’m not sure though.

Hello MercuryGhouls,

Those trees are just like any other trees,
What’s unique about this tree is that the foliage is scattered and not single, solid and connected shape.

To achieve this tree’s leaves in blender you can just:

  • Create a shape of your linking [ it has to be a plain/flat shape ]
  • Scatter the same shape around the trunk however you like it
  • Import the mesh to roblox and color it whichever color you want
  • Position it to a trunk and you’ve got yourself a tree just like that one

The tree itself is self explanatory but if you want me to go in depth about how a specific part was made
you can just go ahead and ask me which part of it you don’t understand exactly in my Direct Messages, I would be glad to help.