How Do I Make When A Object Is A Tool It Saves To They're Inventory?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how would I make tool saving system only using a script in ServerScriptService?

Use DataStoreService, the name of the tool and a system of your own making. As you cannot save instances to DataStores, your best bet is to work with the names of the tools instead. You can save a table worth of tool names to a player’s DataStore key when the session ends. When a player joins your game, you can fetch this previously saved list (if it exists) and then copy the tools to the player’s backpack.

Please try and do some of your own research, testing and attempting or try referencing existing tool data store resources if there are any out there, which I’m sure there are. Please keep in mind that this category is not for asking for code, rather pointing you in the right direction and giving you tips on how to accomplish things. You should already have made an attempt when you post a question and said attempt should be posted to the thread. Please see our category guidelines for more information!