How do I move a luanoid?



I’m working on a custom humanoid and I’m trying to get it to follow a path, but I’m not sure how to do it. Any help?


Use that module AIPathfinding found in the stock roblox zombie


My model doesn’t have a humanoid in it.


Alter the ai pathfinding to not use the humanoid


What line is it?


ctrl f Humanoid dawg. It should give you a series of nodes to move to, move your lua noid to those points in whatever fashion


Read up here;

Instead of using the Humanoid:MoveTo, try to use your own method. One of things is to make it smooth when going in-between way-points so it doesn’t just teleport to each one. I’d use a BodyPosition or something.


If you are using an actual Luanoid as found found here then you will need to require core/Simulation. This has a method called :step(dt, input) where dt is delta time since the last time you called it and input is a table with number fields movementX and movementY. 0 means stop, positive/negative changes directions, and the direction is normalized (so any values will do and only the ratio between x and y changes direction). Simulation passes this these arguments down into the current state (walking, climbing, ragdoll) and calls the :step(dt, input) method on them. You can see what this does in the walking state in /core/CharacterState/Walking::step(dt, input)

Since this step method needs to be called to allow the character to even move, you probably have a script in the workspace which is already calling it. You can edit that script and set the movementX and movementY fields to the x and y distance to the points in character space (you can call HumanoidRootPart.CFrame:VectorToObjectSpace(distance) to get the character space distance. If it were me, I’d probably add a boolean isWorldspace and make the character state not convert the movement direction to worldspace if I already gave it a worldspace direction.

But this is all assuming that you are actually using that type of Luanoid.


Using body position works, but my character keeps rotating or falling over whilst walking there, how do I solve this?