How do I move on blender 2.81?

Hi! I’ve recently started using blender v2.81, previously using 2.79, and I used to move by pressing Shift + F, how do you move around freely like in studio in blender 2.8? I really need help fast, I’m trying to get this render finished!

You use the center of the mouse (scroll wheel) and click and hold it down.

no, i’m not trying to change my looking, i’m trying to like, move my position. Similiar to WASD in studio, but in blender you have to press Shift + F

Press “Shift” and ths scroll wheel. I think. You can also scroll up and down. :grinning:

I had this same issue when I switched! You can switch the keybind to use the same Shift + F method using User Preferences.It’s under Edit>Preferences>Keymap. From there, you’ll be able to look up this setting, and change the keybind to what you’re used to and freely “fly” around the viewport!



What is the current default keybind? And, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH! Honestly, this is so helpful, do you want like 20 robux as a gift or something?

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It says the default keybind is shift, but I’ve never tested how that works. But you’re very welcome! I was right in your place when I switched, and remembered what that was like, so just wanted to help a fellow graphic designer out. No compensation needed!

Good luck though! (And you might want to mark my reply as a solution to help others too!)

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Are you sure you don’t want a gift of gratitude? You helped me a lot…

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Nope! Just knowing I helped someone in the same boat I was stuck in is enough, I appreciate it though!

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2.81 Also comes with a widget just like Studio where you have in the corner the X, Y and Z axis where if you click down you can move your camera around. Also of course you can still use your Number Pad to see the different faces.

I think the last method is changing the Keymap settings so that you can use Shift + F to navigate as well.

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Blender 2.8 default move around keybind is Shift + ~