How do I organize my module scrips?

So, I have a bunch of these swords in my game, and some are just clones of each other. I want to make a module script for them to contact so I have all of weapon systems in one spot.

I probably should put them in player scripts, but I tried replicated storage, but the scripts would get stuck in a debounce.

What I did was I made this “settings” ModuleScript for each weapon. The weapon script was cloned to each weapon which retrieved the settings.

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Btw, where do you put your weapon activating scripts at? Do you just copy and paste the same type of script in each tool?

The copy/paste is done on the server when the game first starts up and it is done automatically.

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No, like is there an activation detector in each tool where you just contact a module script in replicated storage for example?

Not exactly. The main script is cloned to each tool, though I don’t really encourage that design. The module in each tool is actually a module I call “Settings”, and it is used to configure the main script.

no (I reversed it), but I just realized I can make the debounce in the activation script that contacts the module, instead of a debounce in the module