How do I patch the large hat exploit?

Hello! I was wondering how I patch this basic exploit that makes rthro hats large.


I’m trying to patch it without using a large server side script.


I believe it might stop working soon. Roblox recently has removed the ability to delete hats from workspace with an exploit. Maybe just ban Rthro from your game in general, its only used for trolling.
R6 + R15 > Rthro

Uhhh what?? Please reword that.

what i did to patch drop hat exploit is a use the
and then i verefy id the child is a Accessory using
then i destroy it

if Child:IsA(“Accessory”) then

dont forget to atach the character each time they spawn

This will most likely be soon patched on Roblox end. If not, just make it so you can’t wear rthro in your game. Rthro is barely used, and 99% of the time used by trollers.

How do I disable it? Thanks in advance!

It’s not the drop hat exploit, it’s modifying an accessory value

the script work by removing the hat size value parent it to workspace and then reparent the hat to you
dm me i will show you the script…
why do it work idk but its how most the one i see work