How do I place an object from the ReplicatedStorage when multiple parts are transparent?


I know the title may sound a bit confusing but, I am making a system where, when a player has an object, and then hits a certain invisible hitbox, the object they are holding will Destroy() and a clone of it will be on the statue. This part will be Transparent, but when the hitbox is Touched, then it will no longer be transparent.

I don’t know if this system fully works yet, as I have not tried it, but I’m trying to make it so when the parts clone is visible/transparent, a BoolValue is set to true, and once all the BoolValues are set to true, a Tool from the ReplicatedStorage will be cloned into the Workspace.

How do I do this with a ServerScript?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

local hitbox = workspace.Hitbox
local Conn

Conn = hiitbox.Touched:Connect(function(part)
      if part.Name == 'Handle' then
            Conn:Disconnect() -- to disconnect the event after we got our valid tool touching
            hitbox.Transparency = 0
            local ClonedTool = part:Clone()
            ClonedTool.Anchored = true
            ClonedTool.Parent = the statue
            --Do the rotating, positioning here through referencinng clonedtool etc...


Keep in mind this is an example for if the tool consists of 1 block and that is the handle, you will need to switch hitbox reference to whatever your hitbox is