How do I play an animation with a tool on key press

So I have a big query. I’m developing a very unorthodox Game. It’s kind of a Submarine/Frogman/Diver First person battle field like kinda thing.
Anyway heres my issue.
Using R6, I’ve discovered that When Swimming, Roblox does not have a unique swimming animation and will just play the walking animation and tilt the player 90 degrees. The problem is that when I pull out a tool by default when moving, the player will tilt 90 degrees and the tool will be down as shown here.!

and when you stop moving it looks like this

My first initial solution was to change the walking animation to my own swimming animation but it had problems as you see here the tool Still goes down and When the player stops moving it looks like this

So I do not want to change the default walking animation to a swimming animation otherwise the player would be doomed to look goofy whenever they walk on land as shown here

So my Main goal is to create a Tool that when moving, Changes the direction of the arm to go forward by playing an animation triggered by something like pressing W and when not moving stays in place