How do I pose a Avatar in roblox studio for gfx

Search the forum before you post a topic like this.

already did didnt find anything

Don’t make a animation like animate the pose just pose the character in the first keyframe and then when your doing you anchor.

Btw, developer forum isn’t one thing there’s YouTube to and there’s a lot of youtubers about this type of topic.

How so? there are many tutorials on this.

I used this for first GFX.

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Yea, I was about to check to see if there was any and yea there is a lot of tutorials.

Absouloutely, no way there’s NOTHING there, you must use your eyes, not just go off the search immidiately, i dont know.

look at this my timeframe

Yep, now anchor the character on explorer and then you should know the rest.

I have a idea, make an attacking AI thing, put the animation (export it) and then paste the id in every animation possible, test it, make it kill you or just ctrl + c the zombie in explorer, ctrl + v and you’ve got it.

If theres none ima make a post on how to make a GFX with studio so people will find it more useful then.

So, yea so you don’t get confused I may make a post on how to make GFX without blender, so then no one will get confused on this topic again.

You solved my problem Thanks a Lot :slight_smile:

Np, have a lovely day with your GFX.

How does this look?

Scrap everything of that chief, go to this thread and follow the tutorial it has : Blender rig exporter/animation importer

What this is essentially is you can import an animated roblox model with rigging and everything. you better move to blender to actually start improving on your GFX work.

uh the humvee and the gun isnt saving in .obj file what to do?

Select both, or one out of time and export them as .obj
how? well, select your desired item and while selected go to the file tab and go to advanced > export as obj

if the weapon model has a detachable magazine let’s say go to blender > file > import obj and before you do anything go to the right side until you find a geometry tab. open it and make sure to check “split by object” and “split by group” is checked.

what this does is allowing you to reconstruct an object just lego bricks.

It looks fabulous for a studio GFX so far.

The easiest solution at this point would be to take a screenshot of your work and try to replicate it with a roblox rig in blender. Moon animator is for animation, not for posing roblox rigs for GFXs.

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