How do I prevent rig's limbs from detaching during this?

Alright so what I am trying to do is to make this thing allow you to view your character from multiple angles. I put the character into workspace and made the local script from StarterGui run the animation for the character’s torso.

this is the code that runs the animation

local ts = game:GetService("TweenService")
local medium =,Enum.EasingStyle.Exponential,Enum.EasingDirection.InOut)

ts:Create(workspace.CurrentCamera,medium,{FieldOfView = 10}):Play()
ts:Create(character.Torso,medium,{Orientation =, -45, 0)}):Play()
ts:Create(character.Torso,medium,{Position =, 91.2, 382.978)}):Play()

At times, all of the limbs are connected and are working as planned. Then when I reloaded the game, some of the limbs aren’t connected to the torso, and sometimes none of them are even connected.

I have tried re-welding them back together but it still doesn’t seem to work.

Here’s a video of my issue:

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Are you using the original character from the player, or is it a separate rig? Also are any of the parts anchored and are they welded together or have their usual motor6d for the joints?

It is a separate rig from the original player and they are all anchored together. They do have their usual motor6d joins.

It looks very nice, by the way. When you say they are all anchored do you mean all of the rig’s parts are anchored, or welded?

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Apologies, I meant to say they’re welded.

But the humanoidrootpart is anchored.

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So how is the issue reproduced? You said it sometimes works without any problems. Is it when you reset the player that the rig goes bonkers?

Oh, I should mention it’s normal that the HumanoidRootPart is anchored.

Whenever I leave and rejoin the game, the issue begins to occur. It happens randomly.

Do you have any events set up to check for the player’s character spawning? Do you set up the rig in a script? Any part in a script that’s setting the motor6d joints for the rig?

Presuming the title screen is being controlled primarily by a local script?

Nope. The character is simply inside of the workspace.

The only thing I can think of that would be a problem is that you are tweening the torso/uppertorso itself. To get an idea of how it might operate alongside the other parts of the rig, I’ll explain what happens when you teleport the player’s torso.

If you were to teleport the player’s character’s upper torso, (via updating its CFrame) the character would die. This is caused by the character losing an important part, just like if you were to try changing the CFrame of the character’s head too.

The way you can avoid killing the character is by teleporting its HumanoidRootPart instead. That way, the whole character will be teleported. Perhaps by tweening the HumanoidRootPart, the whole character will move with it.

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The character didn’t seem to want to move at all. Excellent idea though.

Hmm :thinking: maybe it works differently with tweens? And thanks, I thought that might work but sadly not.

@GoodPuppyPaw3 There were no errors though? are you able to select the HumanoidRootPart and see that it’s moving? (It is normally invisible, but if selected it should have a border around it to see it now). If you could double check if the rig is anchored (Select other parts like the arm, leg, not just the model) and check when you play test too

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Yes! the humanoidrootpart does move. The rig is anchored only by the humanoidrootpart (if thats what you meant). The only thing that doesn’t move are the limbs and the torso.

Ah, that’s unfortunate. Yes, I was meaning to check if the head and other parts that aren’t moving are anchored or not.

I’ve got to go now but I will try to make a test place to try for myself and maybe find a solution. Hope all goes well :+1: but for now, is the tweening happening in a local script?

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I really appreciate your help and yes the tweening is happening inside of the local script.

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Clone the player’s character instead to get an exact copy.