How do i properly UV unwrap this?

Ive been working for like 2 days on a ugc concept just because i cant figure out how to fix the UV’s to make a texture.

Basically the thing im trying to unwrap is a tornado.

This is the tornado model itself.


If someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!

I think the Blender page will get you better results than the Roblox DevForum.

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Oof that is a pretty complex issue, the texture stretching would be pretty bad. There is no real clear defined edge and the fact that the model is twisting like that may make it a bit difficult to unwrap . I would probably reduce the loop cuts to about 8 to 16 max to achieve the round object. Then add some loop cuts horizontally which control the width of the cylinder rather than twisting it. Then you can just add 1 seam vertically and a seam at the top and bottom and you’re done. Then recreate the twisting effect when painting.

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Im not very good at making texture effects though.

put a few splits in it, but that mesh could be improved a lot for uv mapping, its more complex than it needs to be