How do I refer to a part that was clicked even if it’s small enough

I want to make a system where when a player clicks on a object it puts it into there inventory no matter what it is and as long as it’s small enough. But I can’t figure out how to do this without putting click detectors and this limits what they can pick up or can’t as step 2 of this system was going to be cutting gnashes into larger parts to make them small enough to carry and if I were to add click detectors to every small enough part I can see that part of the system I planned to do get harder than I already is.
Is there any way to detect/refer to a part that a player has clicked without the help of click detectors?

Maybe use LocalPlayer:GetMouse() and Part.Size property?

use LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
then Mouse.Hit.Size

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Well thank you I’m surprised I didn’t run into this solution sooner