How do i remove Table: 0x bug?

i was doing some stuff with tables and when i outputed the table i got instead of

{["Colors"] = {"Red","Yellow","Blue"}}

i got

table: 0xac5a54b7189b4c52

do you know how to fix it?

This is a memory address.

Disable Log mode in the output menu (three dots in the top right corner of the output window, right from the clear button).


Did you print this in studio or in a live game

Show the code where the table is being outputted


local maintable = {["Colors"] = {"Red","Yellow","Blue"},["Trash"] = {"Red","Yellow","Blue"}}

for i,v in pairs(maintable.Colors) do

The output you received, table: 0xac5a54b7189b4c52, is the default representation of a table when you print it directly using print or tostring. It does not show the contents of the table.

To display the contents of a table, you can use the print function in combination with the table.concat function. Here’s an example of how you can print the contents of your table:

local myTable = {
    Colors = {"Red", "Yellow", "Blue"}

print("Table Contents:")
for key, value in pairs(myTable) do
    if type(value) == "table" then
        print(key .. ": " .. table.concat(value, ", "))
        print(key .. ": " .. tostring(value))

This code will iterate over the key-value pairs of the table. If a value is of type “table,” it will use table.concat to concatenate the elements into a string separated by commas. Otherwise, it will use tostring to convert the value to a string.

When you run this code, it should output the contents of your table in a readable format:

Table Contents:
Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue

This way, you can see the actual contents of the table instead of the default representation.

thanks dude i really appreciate it

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i have another this type related question i tried to outputting the loadstring() and i got function: 0xa…
how do i expand that

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