How do I replace all Integers in a string (RESOLVED)

I am making a Syntax Highlighting for my text but I wanna replace numbers.
When I do so it becomes
<font color="1<font color="1<font… (etc)
heres my code

NewData = NewData:gsub('%d', '<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">OKSO</font>')

I dont know how to patch/fix this, I wanna make it so the “OKSO” string becomes the number I replaced with “%d”

data = '<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">OKSO</font>'
newData = data:gsub("OKSO", "%d") --replaces 'OKSO' with %d

Nono I mean like I want this


to become

[<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">1</font>]
[<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">2</font>]
[<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">3</font>]
[<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">1</font>]

When I do the gsub it replaces the numbers in rgb() aswell WHICH IS THE PROBLEM
(Also OKSO is an example :skull:)
(I want it for every number so 1234567890)

local tble = {1, 2, 3, 4}

for i, value in pairs(tble) do
	tble[i] = '<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">'..i.."</font>"

Already tried that, it did the same error as stated in the post. (it’s because I gsub “5” “0” and “1” which gsub rgb(150,150,0)

If i am understanding right, something like this:

local text = "number is 54321"
local newText = text:gsub("(%d+)", '<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">%1</font>') -- %1  refers to the captured digits

Bit confused, it will not replace the numbers in RGB as they are different strings.

No, not how I am doing it. How I am doing it, it will edit them.

So, you want to replace any number inside two square brackets to a rich text formatted one without subtracting the brackets, right?

Here is an example implementation:

local NumberPattern = "%[(%d+)%]"
local Replacement = "[<font color=\"rgb(150,150,0)\">%1</font>]"

function Convert(Str: string)
    return string.gsub(Str, NumberPattern, Replacement)

print(Convert("Some Text [1] another, [2]"))  -- output: Some Text [<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">1</font>] another, [<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">2</font>]

Just a little note, to make it support decimal, negative, and positive numbers you can modify the NumberPattern to "%[([+-]?%d*%.?%d+)%]" which will allow for that and will capture numbers like -1.2.


Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 3.22.13 PM

I made my own demo in studio and I’m getting the results you want. If I’m not seeing something please point it out

local NewData = Data
	NewData = NewData:gsub("(%d+)", '<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">%1</font>') -- %1  refers to the captured digits
	NewData = NewData:gsub("local", '<font color="rgb(255,0,0)">local</font>')
	NewData = NewData:gsub("function", '<font color="rgb(255,0,0)">local</font>')
	NewData = NewData:gsub("self", '<font color="rgb(255,0,0)">local</font>')
	return NewData

No, my script is different I’m using a loop to go through the entire table.

local tble = {1, 2, 3, 4}

for i, value in pairs(tble) do
	tble[i] = '<font color="rgb(150,150,0)">'..i.."</font>"

but this worked ty I needed to know how to edit the certain digit and replace :smiley:

How my script works it can’t use that.

What do you mean? Can you explain more?

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