How do i replicate this video right here?

In this video he has some type of white object encircle the entire world around him, im wondering how do i make this?


From what I can see here, it’s a part with a SpotLight (that has a lot of brightness) and smoke (opacity is 1).

You could probably tween the part to get bigger to replicate this. And also make the range bigger.

looks like 2 invisible parts with decals

and the parts are growing in size and the decals transparency is changing to 0

What is a spotlight?
I’ve never used that before

By decal they have a white decal?

yer looks like a white smoke decal

and the floor might be a light or it might be another part with a decal hard to tell

i tried this but the smoke and the light have range limits so i cant make it cover the entire player

heres another angle

I’m not a programmer by any means, but I could take a guess and say that it’s increasing the radius and density of the smoke(?) according to your camera position.

It could also be increasing the Fog properties in Lighting as well, or maybe it’s using a ParticleEmitter? It’s hard to tell with just this video alone. Why don’t you ask the person who made it and see if they’ll tell you?

You could also probably tween the increase of fog in Lighting aswell with the SpotLight and Smoke.

Or like what @5uphi suggested, it might be a part with a “fog” decal on it. Then just tween the size of the part itself.

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The only thing i have is their roblox username, and i can’t really do much with that