How do I reverse the influence of a weld?

Hello everyone,

So as you know, when you have a weld that works with the joints of a player’s character, it changes it so when you delete the joint it just drops down into the baseplate. Is there any way that I can reverse the influence of a weld back to normal, without having the joints fall whenever I try? Thank you!

Do you mean a Motor6D?
Could you switch between Motor6D.Enabled = false or true

No I mean like welds that act on other character’s joints so they influence their orientation and position. But if I remove these welds then the joint just falls to the ground. So i’m wondering how can I go back to before without breaking the character? Hope that helps, thanks.

Do those joints have the Property called Enabled?

Well the welds do, and so does the Motor6Ds like “Waist”, but if I tick the Enabled button off for the welds it just makes the joints fall to the ground for some reason. :confused:

And what happens when you tick the Enabled box again after the parts drop?