How do I rotate arms and tool grip just for server and other users?

After i fanally got the viewmodel working a another problem.
I want to move the arms to the mouse and when it’s active this happens:

But when it’s not activated everything is fine:

The client code:

Events.MoveArms:FireServer(,0.5,0) * CFrame.Angles(-math.asin((Mouse.Origin.p - Mouse.Hit.p).unit.y),1.55,0),,0.5,0) * CFrame.Angles(-math.asin((Mouse.Origin.p - Mouse.Hit.p).unit.y),-1.55,0))

The server code:

Events.MoveArms.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, RC0, LC0)
	local Character = Player.Character
	if Character and Character.Torso then
		Character.Torso["Right Shoulder"].C0 = RC0
		Character.Torso.ToolGrip.C0 = Character.Torso["Right Shoulder"].C0 * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0, math.pi/-2,0) *,-0.5,0)
		Character.Torso["Left Shoulder"].C0 = LC0