How do I save parts?

So, the best way I can explain this is that I want to make a trophy cabinet, where a trophy would appear in the trophy cabinet. However, I would like them to save and carry on to the next game so you can see all of the trophies that you have gotten.

This is how the trophy would be given. If the number generated == 0 then it would give the trophy. Then it would be saved and on display, but I do not now how I could give the trophy and save it there. I would think that maybe I could put the trophies in the cabinet but make them transparent. Then if the trophy is given, it would set to non-transparent and if you left the game and re-joined, it would be there.

I really dont have any clue on what to do. Thanks in advance.


You would have to use DataStores here. Save the trophy that is given, and when they join, move the trophy there.

That’s the thing. How would I save a part?

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You wouldn’t. You would save something like the name or trophy number, etc and move the trophy they have gotten when they join.

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okay thankyou. i will look into it :slight_smile:

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