How do I script my own plugin?

I’ve tried to make my own lighting plugin in the past before and it hasn’t worked. I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. Here is my script:

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar(“Add High Quality Lighting”)
local button = toolbar:CreateButton(“Add Lighting”, “Good quality lighting for you to use.”, “”)

local function addLighting()
local Lighting = game.Lighting


What am I doing wrong? Sorry If I have put this in the wrong topic, I couldn’t find anywhere else that it fits in.

Are there any errors in output? Info like that is good to include.

It says “Technology is not a valid member of Lighting”

Enum.Technology can’t be scripted

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How do I change the technology then?

You don’t. It’s not scriptable.


Yeah it can’t be modified during a game if I am not mistaken because then it will have to recalculate or something.

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Its locked, so you can’t change it with a script (or localscript)… nobody can. You can only manually edit it.

Hello, I haven’t checked the video out yet, but DevKing made one on how to make your own plugins.

Here is the link:


I mean, it helps but it isn’t changing lighting. I might have to just do:

local Skybox =“Sky”)
Skybox.Parent = game.Lighting
Skybox.MoonTextureId = “”

As people above already said, Technology property isn’t accessible via scripts, you can only change it manually.