How do I script this type of ui tweening?

Since I’m making my own ui, I want the ui objects to ascend together like this:

However, I tried this myself and it is not as clean as it is in the video. How do I do this?

TweenService. In the video, each element seems to have its own tween. So you would use tween different elements into position. You will have to mess around with timings but that’s really all it is.

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Yep! That’s exactly what I am trying to do right now, however I don’t know if in the video they placed the ui elements somewhere off of the actual frame, then tweened it to it’s original position.

Also it seems as if the ui is coming out from inside of the frame, how do you get the ui to go under instead of just clipping out (Clipdescendants was off, fixed)

Yeah you would use Clipdescendants, and it seems most the frames were off the screen, but some where also just sized to 0, 0, 0, 0.

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Thank you for your help! It looks wayyy more clean now.

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