How do I set a parts CFrame to another parts CFrame without the y

So I’m trying to make a VR movement system, and I’m going to try making the cameras CFrame the CFrame of a part that I will move forward when I hold the thumbstick forwards. I don’t want the camera inside the part, I want the camera above the part that’s moving… So how would I cancel out the y axis for the CFrame? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

How about you just take the CFrame of whatever and then subtract the Y

Im not the best at CFrame math but that seems pretty straight forward

randomBlock.CFrame = RandomBlock.CFrame - RandomBlock.CFrame.Y

Why don’t you just offset the CFrame of the camera on the y-axis? perhaps a few studs above your part.

camera.CFrame = SomeBlock.CFrame *, 5, 0) -- Or you could add Vector3

Thank you so much i cant believe the answer was as simple as that lol :slight_smile: