How do i set the part's cframe without affecting the orientation of the arrow tool

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Im trying to make the arrow’s orientation match the orientation of the handle. I almost got it but whenever i fired at a wall, the arrow tool was positioned ontop of the wall. I was using :MoveTo() at that time. So i tried to use :SetPrimaryPartCFrame() and it just affects the orientation of the arrow tool. How can i fix this?

local arrow = game.ReplicatedStorage.Ammoitems:WaitForChild("Arrow"):Clone() 

arrow.Parent = workspace.Ammotools 



What the arrow is supposed to be oriented like

What the arrow is currently oriented like

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For some reason, rotation is just a number instead of a vector3.

local position = result.Position
local rotation = script.Parent.Handle.CFrame.Rotation -- get the rotation matrix instead
local cframe = * rotation

This one worked well! Thank you all for helping me out!

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