How do i skip to a certain part of a tween like 1.25 seconds in

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    Make a live event which. is the same on every server even when a new server is started mid way thrtugh the lvie event

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    There is no issue this is a question

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    i have tried using lerp but that wont work as i see that it only is linear. i tried reading the dev wiki for this too.

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Im using the os.time() of when server was started and then i compare it to when the event started (In EPOCH) it would look like this LiveEventStarted - os.time() then i use that and skip to the tween which is gonna be the objective.

I would aslo like to make this a suggestion to make this a feature if it isnt.

By “skip a certain part of a tween” do u mean skip the rest of the tween? If so u can use the :Cancel function to cancel the tween before it is finished.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m sure it would work.

tween.Cancel() -- to stop the tween

then create a new tween, the same variables but with a shorter time length.

So what you’d need to do is calculate the math for whatever variables you are editing and then set them to what they are for that specific point in time. Now assuming this is linear, you’d then just start the tween at that position and subtract the amount of time skipped from the original and then tween to the end goal. If it’s not linear, you’ll need to graph it in something like Desmos and do the math there which is a lot tricker. However since you said when players join let me ask you this, is this “event” for everyone in the server and could you do it server side assuming the server is full and anyone that joins a new server either gets the full event, or you then do what I just suggested? Good luck!:+1:

oppisite i want to like skip to a part of the tween like going from 0 seconds in a yotubue video to the end to see that “12 year old kills ninja”

I’m a bit lost, are you asking for help with a tween or a live event?

both i have a Quad tween which launches when a live evnt starts but if it a sever starts after the event starte dbut not ended its not gonna be synced between all games