How do I start off as a builder

I searched on YouTube starting of as a builder, i also know some basic building but i need help to start at the bottom.

My Question: Do I need any apps?
Is there anyway I can improve building skills? if there is any please feel free to leave your opinion below.
Lastly if you have any YouTube tutorial that can help me, if would be kind of you to tell me the YouTube channel or post it here.


I think as a beginner you don’t need any apps for modeling you should use Tinkercad | From mind to design in minutes. And then go to blender. Also use meshes in your models. See this Model Creator - YouTube for advanced building tips.


ive been a builder for about 3 years, and this entire year ive been working on ROBLOX full time. and surprisingly i have not given much room to improve since I’m doing a lot of the same boring tasks day in and day out, so what do i wish i learned?

number 1 if your completely new: don’t get sucked into studio, learn blender and stick with it that should be your program of choice. blender is for the art, studio is for the import.

and if you do use studio, there are somethings you can do to save time and make things look bomb. If you go into the toolbox, you can look up the words shapes and get mesh rounded cubes that just round out hard corners and make your builds reflective in a good way. definitely a preference but it does give a blender look.

now granted, this build was the first thing i could pull out so it doesn’t show off the technique perfectly but you can see it in use.