How do I stick a GUI to the top left corner?

In the Studio the GUI looks like is in the right place but when I open the Roblox client to test my game it isn’t in the same place it was in the studio.

Try changing the anchor-position to 0,0 and the position to 0,0,0,0 or if you meant top right
1,0 anchor position and position to 0,0,1,0 I think

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put the Y scale position on -.1, then it will cover the top bar as well

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try set the screenGui’s ingnore gui inset to true


While playing, the Topbar is added to your viewport (screen), which moves all GUIs down.

I believe the Topbar is scaled to be 36 pixels in the Y axis so making the Y offset of a GUI object by -36 should place to the actual top of screen. This would look like (0,0, 0,-36)

As stated by Catfish, apparently there is a ScreenGui property which when enabled, ignores Topbar scale. So if you set IgnoreGuiInset to True, the issue should be solved as well, but for all descendants of that ScreenGui

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it is because of the studio screen size when you add the explorer or properties or anything it shrinks the screen so your putting the gui in the corner and it looks like its centered because of the screen size in studio, you can fix that by removing the explorer and properties and then fix it and then when you open them back it will look off centered but when you join the game it will be centered

you can open explorer and properties by going to view