How do i tell if a object value has the same value as a different value?

i have this random picking code but some values pick the same object

local wep1 = script.weapon1
local wep2 = script.weapon2
local wep3 = script.weapon3
local wep4 = script.weapon4
local wep5 = script.weapon5
local wep6 = script.weapon6

wep1.Value = items[math.random(#items)]
wep2.Value = items[math.random(#items)]
wep3.Value = items[math.random(#items)]
wep4.Value = items[math.random(#items)]
wep5.Value = items[math.random(#items)]
wep6.Value = items[math.random(#items)]

The code is bad, you should know some iterations like for loops. To fix your problem, make a folder and put all the weapons inside that folder. Then use a for loop to iterate the folder and set the value of each value in that for loop.