How do I test if my gamepass check is working?

I have basically the generic Roblox gamepass check script, and all I want it to do is print “has” (gamepass) if I have the pass

How do I actually test this in studio? Do I (as the developer) have it by default? I should mention, it’s not my game, it’s my groups game (although I am the owner of the group).

you want to see if a player owns the gamepass?

local userid = 0000000000 -- user id here

local gamepassid = 0000000000000000 -- gamepass id

if game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):UserOwnsGamePassAsync(userid, gamepassid) then

yes i already have the script written i just wanna make sure it works hence the question how do i test it

try running in the command bar in studio

try running it using the default studio command bar or just execute a local script, either way. it should work